Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I love speculation

I know that for the most part, these past couple days haven't had the best updates, but bear with me!  This one won't be super long either, sorry!  I'm trying to get back on the schedule of posting a new article around noon Eastern time, so hopefully I'll be back to that by the end of the week.  Anyway, onto today's article.

I love speculation.  I love it when a new game is announced because it lets me overanalyze every pixel in the game and come up with some crazy theories.  People can tell me that my ideas are crazy and outlandish, but that doesn't discourage me from doing it every time a major release is announced.  I know that for the most part the ideas that I come up with will never come to fruition in the actual game, but just the sense of looking at a trailer or screenshot and guessing what that strange object in the background is is amazing.

Sometimes I worry that speculating can harm my overall experience with a game, since I'm coming up with theories that I would love to see in a game, but aren't going to appear. However, I've found that speculating doesn't hurt my experience at all, just like with spoilers.  In fact, it actually helps the weeks before the game releases go by faster.  I'm so enthralled by my own theories that the days, and then the weeks, just fly by.  When I don't speculate, I find that the weeks just drag on, especially the closer to release it is.

The Silent Realm reminds me of a dream like state.  The villain must
be Nightmare!

I like to use two games as an example for this, with the first game being Spirit Tracks. When Spirit Tracks was coming out, I watched every trailer that Nintendo released and looked at every screenshot of the game.  Whenever I was thinking about Spirit Tracks, I would always rewatch trailers to find a nonexistent hint that tells me something about the story.  I had somehow come up with some crazy conclusions, with one of them being that the new world Link and Tetra found after The Wind Waker was actually Termina.  Before I knew it, it was December 7th and I had my copy of Spirit Tracks, and I still loved the game despite my wild theories.

Then there was Pokemon Black and White.  Since the games were released in North America was so long after the games were released in Japan, I didn't really have anything to speculate about, and I already knew everything that happened in the game months before I even got to play it for the first time.  Like I said in my post about spoilers, I don't think it hurt my experience with the game, but it did make the weeks drag on.  I was stuck watching gameplay on websites like YouTube, and since there wasn't anything to speculate about, my only thought was about how much fun the game will be when I finally get my hands on it.

Because I find speculation a good way to pass the time, I find myself taking part in it once again with Skyward Sword.  There's still around a month left until the game is finally released, but time flies by for me when I concoct theories by watching the opening cinematic or new gameplay footage released in Iwata Asks.  After coming up with my own theories about the game, I like to compare them with theories other people have created by watching the same footage.  I find myself lurking on forums like Zelda Universe just to see what ideas others have come up with.

So, do you guys speculate or do you find it weird and stupid?  Let me know!

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